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Samuel Sako Ikome : «In Ambazonia, the people and law of the land bequeath my leadership »

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In an interview with, the president of the upcoming Republic of Ambazonia (known as North-West and South-West regions of Cameroon) talks about the state of the revolution,the My Trip To Buea issue, its relations with the other separatist leaders, etc.

 Since March 2018, you’ve been choosen as an acting president of the Ambazonia’s Interim Government and since November 2019 as a full president, can you tell us what’s your commitment for the people of Southern Cameroons ?

When I accepted the people’s mandate to lead the Nation in its darkest, most painful and bloodiest history in recent memory, I was sworn to a role which no one has ever claimed permanent entitlement, not even French Cameroons’ dictators like Paul Biya who abrogated conventions to arrogate himself as demigod. Well, although it’s common to find leaders in French dominated hegemony transform symbols of National Identity into Individual property, my team assumed a Caretaker Gov’t only wishing to serve until the people of Ambazonia disapprove our mandate or decide to discontinue my leadership. On taking the number one high risk job in Ambazonia, I knew there was no perfect experience out there to contract for safety and it was clear to me that a lawless state like French Cameroons would be a flawless machinery of atrocities. So, with the dangerous and desperate survival environment and conditions created by French Cameroon’s forces of anarchy, mayhem and destruction, we expected our vulnerable society and peace-loving people to question everything about themselves, their Revolution, their destiny, their Interim Gov’t and their Nation. When questions are now being asked, whether legitimate or not, whether politicized or not, whether untrue or not…we have to provide answers because without the people and their sacrifices, we would not be here presiding over the destiny of Ambazonia.

You have replaced Sisiku Ayuk Tabe who 2 months earlier had been abducted in Nigeria and brought back to Cameroon along with 9 members of his cabinet, what’s your relationship with Sisiku Ayuk Tabe ?


As you may know, when, in 2017, our leaders, our brothers, our sisters, our husbands, our wives & our children when abducted in Nigeria to French Cameroons in different badges, location and composition, then ferried to French Cameroons under the cover of darkness, I, upon assuming the function of this office, immediately petitioned the Federal Government of Nigeria. We brought actions before the Federal Court in Nigeria and the judicial authority granted our prayers for the returned of our compatriots (The Nera 10 cabinet). Unfortunately, there’s still the lack of political will in that democratic system to act on several such Ambazonia’s legal victories, just like the 2002 landmark case which the Federal Government of Nigeria was enjoined by Chief Justice R.N Okeje to petition the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on our behalf and do to everything political possible to bring about the Independence of the Former British Southern Cameroons (aka THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF AMBAZONIA). In the responsibility of the Nation and as a family affair, I placed the resources and assets of the Ambazonian Nation at the disposal of our compatriots and comrades who are illegally detained in the most deplorable prison conditions. So, the leadership of Ambazonia has never being an Ayuk Tabe and Samuel Sako affairs, this image is painted by Enemies of the people, it’s sponsored by those who hold the Nation of Ambazonia in contempt and it’s incentivize by adventurers who would reduce a country to personal names and property for the political opportunity of doing so.

What’s your relatiobship with other ambazonians leaders ?

My relationship with every Ambazonian has been one of a National anthem, a cultural love affair, a family bond and a duty of care. It’s for this reason that I connect with the sufferings, feelings and aspirations of our people in my sacrifice. Because I know that love is the most sacred yet challenged emotional expression, I have given myself to the experience of sacrifices and with a discipline that uphold the covenant of our generation to be free from all entanglements with French Cameroons. Those who love our Nation with the supreme vow associated with the duty of liberation, do not require public courtesies or personal gestures of assurance, but an unflinching commitment and sacrifices. I’m determine to sacrifice my life for this, and there can be no greater love for a brother, sister or Nation than this. In politics, you may wish to play on the same team with everyone, but not even the adventures of sports, the Biblical exodus led by Captain Mosses nor the modern day liberation of Israel ever succeeded to pull the entire wealth of mankind behind the wheels of Freedom. At some point and some stage, we shall express ourselves by the greater cause and values which preserve our common ancestry and destiny.

You are accused by all these ambazonians frontline leaders of been embezzled millions dollars raised in the framework of My Trip To Buea Campaign, can you throw more light in this issue, please ?


On the issue of embezzlement, I can take any accusation from my people, whether genuine or not, to keep us focus and true to our mission, but when sufficient facts are now known to the public on specific acts and the exact scope of responsibility, I can only accept the part of my failure. I engineered the concept of MTTB at a time when a everything had to be given a National character; MTTB is a proof that we react to the urgency and necessity of the times, as a people and not individuals or group. This was the pilot project for our self sustenance and the sum raised rightly totaled the reasons why Ambazonians are putting up a fight against savage French Cameroons invaders. When this project was launched, our people was facing the darkest hour having lost their First President and cabinet to a criminal international syndicate and network of politics, yet, Ambazonians responded, each, with an amount representing the number of reasons to be free and grievances against French Cameroons. So, the danger was the Regime in French Cameroons who vowed to make us not to succeed as original planned. But, let me say, we lifted our people from a annihilating state of grief, we resurrected the Ambazonian spirit from despondency, we restored hope in the Restoration campaign, we unleashed the fury of the Nation, we launched the biggest self defense scheme and we pulled ourselves together. These, today, may not seem very much compared to the mode then, but we accomplished much more. Let’s try not to forget that, though I don’t claim this as a victory, but as a Nation we take pride in the fact, we did not allowed French Cameroons to end the both the life of the Revolution and the destiny of Ambazonia in just one devilish act. There’s something worth mentioning, if every African Nation can learn lessons from our transparent institutions and accountability process, there will be no complaint of corruption anywhere in the Continent. While I submitted my Gov’t for public scrutiny by experts, Paul Biya of French Cameroons have done everything politically possible to escape fiscal responsibility, legal accountability and moral check. This is one of the areas we knew, Ambazonia could give lessons to the rest of the world. Today, my entire team are donors and fighters on largely voluntary and selfless services, but Paul Biya and his minions are draining their citizens of their wealth and prosperity. As the Audit report of the Interim Gov’t reveals, there’re those under my leadership, then, with questionable commitments, but these individuals have since pitched tent with their cronies, revealing traces and links with French Cameroons. So, what seems to a perfectly doctored strategy by French Cameroons to sabotage the Revolution from inside, failed because Ambazonians are not sleeping anymore and neither do we drink 33 EXPORT for breakfast.

Tibor Nagy, the US State Secretary in charge of African Affairs stated last time that the worse thing that Africa wants is a new country full of hunger and poverty, can you look at ambazonians eyes to eyes and ensure them that Ambazonia will be a reality the days, months or years ahead ?

The global political order holds specific blessings and general promises for Ambazonia. For now, Institutions and Nations prefer to speak through international consensus which more than ever favours the claims and position of Ambazonia. We’re engaged in a diplomatic process with our adversary, French Cameroons, and there’re certain pronouncements which we can not make public for now. But, the political recognition of Ambazonia shall not one of country politics or international consensus, it is and shall remain that of the undefeated will and unswerving spirit of the people. We shall continue to exploit opportunities when and where they may appear and keep every option open, until we’re free. At least every Ambazonian is aware that this fight for the Restoration of our Independence is all about us and has nothing to do with one a single Nation out there decides to make of our appeals, cries, wishes and sacrifices. We look up to the God of Ambazonia, the sweat of our people, the blood of our heroes and the supernatural intelligence of our ancestors.


For your opponents, only SOCADEF of Dr Ebenezer Akwanga and Ambazonian Defence Forces of Ayaba Cho are the very grounds forces which are in charge of the whole Southern Cameroons’ territory, any clarification about this issue ?

As in countries all over the world, the concept of sovereignty and territorial integrity are enshrined in law, guaranteed by the will of the people and governed by the constitutional order. The existence of different rebel groups in the congo does not invalidate the Authority of the President as the sovereign. Equally, in French Cameroons, awarding attention to the claims of Political Opposition does not disqualify Paul Biya as the ruler of that non progressive Entity. In Ambazonia, the people and law of the land bequeath My leadership with legitimate authority which may be contested but can not be made a question of idle claims and propaganda. We are a lawful society with our will manifested in the democratic act of governance. Even those who oppose my leadership today or have accusations against my service to the Nation, would be able to avail themselves in the Institutions of States, upon complete Restoration of Statehood. So, most people would not have to wait for too long, in order to seek justice to their grievances. My greatest motivation is in the undying fighting spirit and will of the people. My priority is liberation of first, then politics later. We’re committed to this sacred duty irrespective of the shape of our personal relationships and individual ambitions. The victims have my sleepless night, the fighters have my highest priority, the refugees live in my compassion, the prisoners of war get my untiring will and our people deserve my sacrifices.

By Michel Biem Tong 

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